Technical Information

Photography and Mixed Media

Some of my images were shot with 35 mm digital cameras. Collages using found papers and mixed media are then scanned and manipulated with the photographic images together using Adobe Photoshop.



The sculpture process that I like the most is making a model using water clay, then making a mold and casting the finished piece with different materials or a combination of materials including hydrocal, plaster, fiberglass or concrete. I primarily use colored hydrocal-FGR 95 with fiberglass to keep the casts strong and light. Most of my images lately are a combination of human forms with nature. If I make more than one cast from the mold, I generally experiment with different color combinations with each piece.



I like to start some of my oil and acrylic paintings from sketches or collage and mixed media images that I’ve worked on and studied for awhile before committing that image to a canvas.



Some of my work contains nudes, nudes in landscapes or different parts of nude figures worked into a composition. If you are under 18, or are offended by images of male and female nudity, please skip these images.