About The Artist

Jim Meredith was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1938. He moved to Los Angeles, in 1947. Mr. Meredith worked for the motion picture studios for thirty years, as a mold and model maker. During Mr. Meredith’s free hours, he made art.

Artist’s Statement

As Matisse describes in one of his writings, “The painter chooses his color in the intensity and depth, which suit him, as the musician chooses the timbre and intensity of his instruments.” The works of Matisse, Paul Klee, Diebenkorn, Kandinsky, Martin Puryear and Eduardo Chillida have all influenced my perceptions about art. I felt many times as the years have passed that I long, desire, and crave to make art that would affect others in the same way. For many years, I have worked in the Movie Industry and worked on my own artistic endeavors when I could. I have evolved, by trusting and directing my artwork and myself in a constantly changing art environment. “As I work now, each piece has a life of its own. I like the sensuality of the process, the unknown end. When it works, I have a feeling of dancing inside. I make art because I like to make art. It gives me a sense of freedom.”


Mr. Meredith has had solo exhibitions at Penelope’s Gallery, La Canada, CA 2001, Mississippi Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 1979, and Valley Center of Arts, CA, 1961, 1962. His group exhibitions include Exhibition 7, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Rental and Sales Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 2001, Hangar Studio, Santa Monica, CA, and Arts in Action, Los Angeles, CA, Little Gallery, Pacific Palisades, CA, Art Rental Gallery, Long Beach Museum of Art, in Long Beach, CA, May Company, and Unitarian church of San Fernando Valley in California.

Other California showings also include The San Diego Art Guild, San Diego, Lytton Savings Bank, Los Angeles, First Biennial Mount San Antonio College, Fifth Annual, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, the Emerson Gallery, Encino, the 85th Annual San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, San Diego Art Guild, San Diego, Southern California Exposition, Del Mar, Temple Judea, Los Angeles, as well as the Riverside County National State Festival, Riverside.

Mr. Meredith’s other professional experience includes architectural ornamentation and mold and model design for Lotte World Theme Park, in Seoul, Korea, Twentieth Century Fox, Los Angeles, California. Other endeavors include work for CBS in California, Walt Disney Studios in California and for Movies and Theme Parks in Disney World, Orlando, Florida, Epcot Center, Orlando, Florida, Disneyland, and Anaheim, California. Other experience has been with Image Makers, Venice, California, MGM Studios, Culver City, California, Warner Brothers Studios, Burbank, California and Pietro Studios, Los Angeles, California.

JIM MEREDITH STUDIOS was his own business designing and reproducing Celtic artifacts, 1985 – 1995.

A partial list of films include: Camelot, Planet of the Apes ,Hello Dolly, Ice Station Zebra, Splash, Black Hole, Something This Way Comes, Baby, Dick Tracy, Always, Dracula, Death Becomes Her, Cat From Outer Space, Hotel, Raise the Titanic, two Ninja Turtle Movies, Pete’s Dragon, two Herbie Movies, War of the Roses, Another 48 Hours, F/X2, The Deadly Art of Illusion, Cocoon, History of the World – Part 1, Joe vs. The Volcano, Tron, Dad, Star Trek, Robin Hood – Men In Tights, Delirious, and two Batman movies.

Mr. Meredith attended the University of California in Los Angeles, where his field of study was fine arts. He also studied fine arts and Photography at Valley College, Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Meredith is retired and lives with his new wife Diane. She wrote a grief book about their two dogs Molly and Monet. Mr. Meredith did the illustrations for the book. Mr. Meredith is retired and has returned to his true love, of being an artist. Mr. Meredith has his own studio and work shop. “I paint, photograph, make collages and sculpt.”